A-Hai People

The A-Hai are an ethnic group found spread across the islands of the neck. Predominately found on the Island of White Sands, the A-Hai have spread out to various islands in the central portion of the neck. They tend to have strained relations with other native groups and countries through out the west. They are often extremely distrustful of outsiders as past experience has shown that most will take advantage of the A-Hai. 

The A-Hai are mainly a group of hunter gatherers that predominately inhabit small fishing villages. Most of the small islands they reside on are incapable of sustained agriculture and the greater portion of their diet includes aquatic fish and plants which is occasionally substituted with whatever can be found on land. 

They mainly worship local nature dieties but also have a number of heroic icons of importance. Traditions are generally passed down orally between tribal groups and is seen as a purview of women.

While village chiefs tend to be men who make decisions of importance, a village's mo Ľolelo paa (translated as "the holder of stories") is seen as a principle advisor and local sage. The Holder of Stories is usually the oldest woman in the village and is given great reverence. It is not unusual for the Chiefs and Holders to have disagreements which often leads to the division and seperation of villages and tribal groups.

A-Hai People

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