Hidden Castle of the Lost King

The legend of the Hidden Castle of the Lost King is a story that is very old. Many groups through out the west have spread the story with large variations, but most of them relate the tale of a hidden palace filled with great treasure that has been lost to the ages. The tale originated on the Island of White Sands and spread out as far away as The Realm. The tale has changed many times and many scholars have grouped the changes into a few popular narratives.

Benevolent King with a Demon Mistress
This version of the tale is often attributed to a time long before the contagion. In it, a great King travels to Malfeas where he meets and falls in love with a beautiful Demon. Worried at how his subjects will react to his new lover, the King builds a hidden castle where he may visit his love in secret. It is said that he showered her with gifts and she lived very lavishly until one of his nobles discovered the Palace on accident. Enraged by the Kings betrayl, the noble gathered his fellows and told them about the King's mistress. Both he and the King were killed in the ensuing conflict and the castle's location died with them.

The Secretive Prince
A tale attributed to the era of the Dragon Blooded Shogunate, the Secretive Prince is a variation in which the ruler of a small western island is at war with the local fey. After many years, the prince grows tired of the fighting and attempts to negotiate with his enemies. The idea is unpopular with his fellow country men, so the Prince creates a hidden fortress to hold negotiations. Many deals and exchanges are made, but the war isn't ended. After a long while, the Prince's subjects grow concerned that the Prince is making negotiations in his best interest rather than in the interest of his people. They lead a bloody revolt against him and the location of his fortress is destroyed by an angry nation.

The Goddess Azura
In this version of the tale, the King takes the goddess Azura as his lover. Unbenownst to his queen, the pair meet in secret at a private castle built in secret by the King. After discovering the affair, the Queen lead a coup against both the King and his beloved goddess. This version of the tale does not relate what actually happened to the castle but it does include that the entrance to it was believed to be located on the northern shore of present day White Sands. 

Hidden Castle of the Lost King

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