White Sands

White Sands is a small Island located in the neck. The Island has been inhabited by the A-Hai People for as long as anyone can remember. After the contagion and balorian crusade had been pushed back, other nations began using White Sands as a trading post. Regional powers colonized and over time the southern end of the island became a major trade and transportation hub in the Neck.

A small city in the south of the island known as White Dune has overtaken most of the southern shore. A large mountain inhabits the center of the island known as Sacred Rock and it is said the A-Hai people have worshipped it since time immemorial.

Along the western and eastern edges of the island are thick, lush jungles filled with strange animals and colorful flora. Both the native A-Hai and the White Dune make use of the abundant natural resources located in this portion of the island.

Along the northern shore are a number of smaller trading outposts of mixed heritage, but it is mostly notable as the location where most A-Hai villages on the island are. It has been known that occasional first age artifacts are found here, but none can truly say what the source of the artifacts are. Most attribute these small discoveries to the Hidden Castle of the Lost King

White Sands

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